ultimate hen party planner

So you’ve taken on the responsibility of organising your friend’s hen do – hmmm – it’s quite a task!

There’s quite a bit to think about and keep ontop of.

So to help you I’ve created the ultimate hen party planner – full of prompts, hen party planning checklists to help you and keep you on track.

And best of all it’s completely free.

The ultimate hen party planner contains all the hen party checklists  you need to take you from being asked to organise the hen party to the day itself.

It includes:

  1. A task timeline to highlight what needs to be done when
  2. An essential bride questionnaire to help understand what she does and doesn’t want!
  3. A guest list so you have all contact details in one place, have a note of dietary requirements plus who’s RSVPd and more
  4. A place to keep details of possible activities handy – nothing worse than researching something then not being able to find the details!
  5. An all important budget and expense tracker – it’s all too easy to go wild and overspend – this tracker will keep you in line and calculates the cost per hen
  6. Booking summary so that you can see at a glance what has and hasn’t been booked
  7. An itinerary – record step by step where the groups is going, including address, phone number and how you’re all getting there.
  8. Shopping list for those essential items like props, personalised hen clothing, gift bags and food
  9. And finally a playlist for when you’re all getting ready to go out.

It’s the perfect hen do planner!

Ultimate Hen Party Planner