Team Away Days

Is your team due a reward or looking to celebrate?

Build connections and strengthen team communication with a team away day.


Lets face it - everyone loves chocolate - you'll be the office hero

Organising a team day can be a real nightmare. We'd like to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to book an amazing day for your team.

They'll make and decorate their own chocolates and package them to take home and enjoy as well as taste test some delicious chocolate.

Looking for great value? Our prices are clearly set out in our brochure and website so you can choose the options that's perfect for your team.

Smiles all round guaranteed when you book an event with us.

Away Day Events

Just for fun!

The feel good factor of the Christmas party at any time of the year.

A perfect way to bring people together, celebrate successes and rewards staff.

Straighforward to organise and easy to book.

Choose from 1 1/2 hours to 4 hours duration

from £325 for 8 then £35 each additional person

to £650 for 8 then £65 each additional person.

Corporate Away Days with Chocolate
Team Building Cheshire

Team Building

Looking to nurture relationships, strengthen communication skills in a fun and tasty environment?

Our 'Mission Chocolate Event" sees teams work together to create and present their own box of flavoured and decorated truffles - delicious.

4 hours from £650 for 8 then £65 per extra person

Team Development Day

For those requiring more focus on business development whilst still having plenty of fun.

A ful day Dragons Den stule with teams pitching their chocolate product, our "Venture Chocolate Event" incorporates a range of learning opportunities including time management, communiction, *****.

Full days from £1200 for 8 then £85 per person.

Team Building with Chocolate

Unite your team

Change the scene, take a breather and immerse the team in the world of chocolate.

Start planning your event today