Where are you based?

I work in  clients’ own homes as well as various locations across Cheshire  currently including

Ashton Hayes CH3 8AA and

Tarporley Scout Hut CW6 9UX


When can I come?

I put a number of adult and children’s workshops on throughout the year which are listed in the event calendar.

If you’d like to come with a group of friends at a different time please complete a check availability form and I’ll get in touch.

If you’re interested in booking a party please complete a check availability form and I’ll get in touch.

I’m happy to work evenings for teens and hen parties (for example).

I do not work Sundays.


How do I book?


You can book onto a pre-organised event by clicking on the event calendar.

To book a private workshop or party simply complete a booking form and pay your deposit – I’ll confirm availability within 2 working days. (You can do this before checking availability if you wish)

Can I bring my other children to a workshop?

Ideally, for all involved, it is better if only the participating children attend, however I appreciate that family life sometime doesn’t work in an ideal way!

Please be advised that Ashton Hayes location is very tight on space – there is NO free space inside for crawling/ toddling youngsters or energetic  footballers! There is plenty of space outside for non participating children so if you HAVE to bring extras I would recommend you come with a friend and share the childcare duties.

Other locations do have a little more space but again, it’s very distracting for all involved if there are ‘extra’s running around inside.

Absolutely no children permitted at adult workshops.

What should my children wear?

I would suggest against wearing Sunday best outfits just incase!

I provide disposable plastic aprons for children.

Your child's safety

The melted chocolate is a little warmer than body temperature.  Where  possible I keep the metling equipment in a separate room – if not it is kept away from the children and on a surface.

I require that all children under 13 be accompanied by a responsible adult.

I have been running childrens’ parties and activities for over 8 years in addition to being a mum to two (now teenage) children.  I have substantial experience of dealing with the whole spectrum of children including those with various disabilities.

How many people can you accomodate?

I generally work with 6-16 adults/children however I can run workshops with fewer people eg family of 4 or 3 friends and can offer workshops for larger numbers. For schools I can usually accommodate a class at a time and deliver a workshop to a number of classes over the course of a school day.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the website simply complete an enquiry form,  or email or call me and I can find out what you’re looking for and suggest a couple of options.

What do my children do?

The specific chocolate activities vary over the year and are age dependent.  For younger children the activity is very craft focussed whereas for teens and adults I include some chocolate background, we taste different chocolate and get creative both with recipes and structure of the chocolate.

I aim to theme activities over the course of the year, so if you come twice you’ll do different activities at each workshop.

Are refreshments available?

Adult and teen workshops include light refreshments. Refreshments are not included within the mini workshops for under 13s.

Refreshments are not otherwise available.


I usually hire small (preferably modern) scout/community/church buildings which means there is usually parking available and  toilets onsite.