Seems a strange move doesn’t it but Chocolate is SOOOO much easier to manage than ponies –

    Chocolate doesn’t need mucking out
    Chocolate activities don’t require me to stand outside in the freezing cold or rain
    Chocolate activities are clean (well pretty clean!)
    Chocolate doesn’t cost me a fortune to feed, shoe or pay for medical attention
    I can put the chocolate in a cupboard and ignore it when I’m not using it
    Chocolate doesn’t mis behave when it feels like it (tho my ponies were VERY well behaved!)
    Chocolate doesn’t require too much cleaning up after it
    Chocolate doesn’t have to be cleaned for hours before guests arrive
    Chocolate doesn’t moult it’s own weight in hair in late spring

I thoroughly enjoy owning and (most of the time) caring for the horses and 3 ponies I now own, but I’m sure it’s going to be a lot easier looking after my chocolate!

If you’d like to come and have some fun with chocolate feel free to call me to check availability.

Amanda Keech
Cheshire Chocolate Studio

From ponies to chocolate

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