Why a Cheshire Chocolate Studio workshop?

I come to school so no travel costs/time meaning it’s less expensive for the parents and less organisation for the school.

It’s interactive and fun which aids learning.

I have over 9 years of working with children so know how to engage children.

'Amanda certainly knows how to entertain children' and

'You ran a superb party which managed the tricky balance between seamless organisation and a really relaxed, fun atmosphere'

‘Excellent presentation & delivery’ – yr 6 teacher (Mayans)

‘Amazing. More interactive and less costly than Cadbury World’ yr 3 teacher (Advertising)

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Workshop options.

I have 3 workshop options:

  • Junior chocolatier – product creation
  • Junior chocolatier – Bean to bar – coming soon!
  • Topic based workshop

The workshops are around and hour and three quarters to two hours.

The topic based workshop can be based around a chocolate related topic you’re working on at school, examples below. 

Topics I can incorporate.

  • Bean to bar
    • Where chocolate comes from, how it’s harvested and processed and ingredients. (Geography, health & wellbeing & technology)
  • Chocolate over time
    • The changing ways it’s been consumed, Mayan and Aztec links, it’s journey to England. (Geography, history, Mayans)
  • Product design
    • Plan, design and make a product to a budget (business/enterprise, maths)
  • Mayans
    • Brief summary of Mayans and the link with chocolate
  • Design a wrapper
    • Plan and design a chocolate bar wrapper (design & technology, art)
  • Changing States of Chocolate
    • Compare how quickly chocolate and water melt at various temperatures (Science, maths)

In addition to the educational tasks above I have some other tasks for the children to do in the topic based workshops, for example,

  • creating a chocolate time-line,
  • writing the word “Chocolate” in Mayan hieroglyphics and
  • place the chocolate processing stages in order.
Overview of topic based workshop
  • chocolate testing (which gets the children talking)
  • create a chocolate lollipop
  • presentation
  • educational task

The presentation and educational task are based around your topic ( and how it links to chocolate). I usually incorporate the bean to bar story.

Overview of Product creation workshop
  • chocolate tasting
  • make hand made chocolates
  • either bean to bar presentation or history of chocolate
  • wrap all produce to take home


For more details on my workshops please get in touch or request a brochure .

Workshop cost

Topic based workshops are £295 per workshop and £545 for 2 topic based workshops on the same day.

Product creation workshops are £345 each,  £625 for 2 on the same day.

This includes all chocolate, decorations and wrappers. If you are more than 10 miles from me I may also make a small travel charge.

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